Brendan Burns - Scott/Burns Productions
Brendan Burns Kenneth's intuition is remarkably reliable, his ethics beyond sound; no small thing in this town… And he has an amazing capacity to make things happen. Most importantly, you find yourself truly happy to be working with him, I hold Mr. Reynolds in the highest regard… Is there anyone in this town Kenneth doesn't know?

Chas. Floyd Johnson - Executive Producer, NCIS

Chas. Floyd Johnson Kenneth Reynolds is in a word 'amazing!' He has a long track record of successful P.R. accomplishments and he shows no signs of letting up. He is thorough, comprehensive and, above all, clever in his approach to getting his clients the very best exposure and coverage for their careers or for any events he might be asked to undertake. Moreover, his knowledge of the Industry - and the people who inhabit it - is all-knowing and up to date. When you ask Ken to 'make it happen,' you can rest assured that the job will get done in a remarkable manner and bring you results that far exceed your expectations. I am a big fan of his and I am just one of many who have come to know and appreciate his incredible expertise.

Charles Wright - Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Charles Wright There is a lot I can say about Kenneth Reynolds however the best thing I can say is, he is the best public relations person I have had within the last two decades. And I wouldn't say this unless I truly meant it with all of my heart.

Denise Nicholas - Actor/Author

Denise Nicholas Kenneth Reynolds, Public Relations Plus, and I have worked together on projects as varied as the successful launch of my first book, "Freshwater Road," and on quite a few wonderful events at my home. He is professional, astute and very charming - with just the right amount of common sense - a much sought after but all-to-rare quality in today's world.

Harold Wheeler - Musical Director, Dancing With The Stars
Harold Wheeler Ken Reynolds has more energy now than when I met him decades ago when we worked for The David Frost Show. I have enjoyed working with him over the years. He isn't just a savvy business person. He's a great cook too. He is really ucha good friend I'dc cut my right arm off for him, and I can't say that about most people.

Mark Skeet
Mark Skeet

This guy is GOOD PEOPLE! I met him when he stopped working for Clive Davis and had just launched Whitney.He took me under his wing,when I was in my late teens,early twenties.He opened so many doors for me in music business.Myself and Ed lover, used to check the coats,of the Big Time Record Executives, at the parties he would throw at his home in Manhattan..That's how I came to know everyone.....

Had it not been for him, I would not have worked with Dr Drea, Tupac,EazyE, Russell Simmons,Digital Underground,Cee Lo Green,Lil Jon and produced SundayBest, just to name a few.I may have still been a bike messenger,a bus boy, or a security guard somewhere,still struggling to make it in the music business. Never experiencing the Grammys,American Music Awards,Soul Train Music Awards, being on TV, in music videos,magazines, traveling the world and becoming a Music,TV and Film producer.

Maryam Yeganehfar - Event Planner

Maryam Yeganehfar I first met Kenneth while working him at Public Relations+ as his personal assistant. Ken was not only an amazing boss but he was also a great friend, the best cook, and a wonderful host I learned so much during these times with him that I was able to return to Vienna and open my own event planning firm.
I will always be thankful for the year long friendship that has continued for nearly fifteen years.

Rocky Carroll - Actor

Rocky Carroll Simply stated.... Ken Reynolds understands the entertainment business better than you! I've been a working actor in Hollywood for close to 25 years and rarely have I met anyone whose show business insight comes close to Ken's. Talent alone can get you only so far in this business. You need someone who understands the ebb and flow of the industry. Also, you could spend the rest of your days networking and you probably would only have half of the entertainment connections that Ken has!
You would be raising the bar on your career with Ken Reynolds on your team.

Sylvia Rhone - Music Executive

Sylvia Rhone Kenneth Reynolds has always been one of the more consistent people I have known. He has never allowed his personal situation to interfere with the professional side of him. More importantly, he has never let the professional side of him interfere with him personally.
He is steady as a rock, and one of the most dependable reliable people I have encountered in this business


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